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The Who's Who of the Land Rover Register.

Take the time to meet our committee and the other important contacts. You'll discover that they're people just like you who are nuts about their Land Rovers. Except that loving, maintaining, re-building or just repairing their Landys doesn't take up enough time for these people, they feel they have to dedicate the other half of their lives to the Register.

Feel free to contact the people listed on this page by clicking on their name.

All correspondence should be mailed to :

The Land Rover Register of South Australia Inc.

P.O.Box 1207,

Gawler SA 5118

Land Rover Register of South Australia    Honors Board


Name Position
David Price President   
John Pointon Vice President
Ann Horvath Secretary
Wendy Dimmock Treasurer
Ken Ashby Editor
Kevin Long Webmaster
David Price Land Rover Show 2014 Coordinator
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Jan Butler Membership Officer
Ian Turner Historic Registration
Maureen Price Trips Manager