Land Rover Register of South Australia Inc.

Convoy Procedure

These procedures should be followed by all Club Members when travelling with three or more vehicles, to ensure the safety of our members and every other road user.

  • The very first rule of the convoy is to travel with headlights on.
  • On the open highway travel at the speed of the slowest vehicle or the speed limit, whichever is lower.
  • Travel with distance between each vehicle so that faster vehicles can safely overtake one vehicle at a time. NO TAILGATING IN THE CONVOY!!!
  • If a semi-trailer is slowly gaining on you, make sure there is plenty of room between you and the vehicle in front.
  • REMEMBER: In the north, some semis are towing up to three trailers (50m).
  • In convoys at night, the person in the rear should warn the convoy of any vehicles preparing to overtake through the convoy.
  • Keep in contact with all other vehicles in the convoy via CB radio. That being said try to keep the allocated channel clear for necessary convoy communications.
  • If there are any signs of danger, eg a cow strolling onto the road, alert all other people in the convoy.
  • If travelling on a dual lane highway remember that you MUST travel in the left lane unless overtaking. This applies when the speed limit is 80km/hr or higher and is the LAW!!!

Off Road Convoys

  • In off-road convoys make sure that you are always in sight of the vehicle behind you.
  • When vehicles are tackling an off-road obstacle, those behind must wait until the vehicle in front has safely negotiated the obstacle.
  • You are responsible for the person behind you.
  • At intersections with a number of possible turns, make sure the vehicle behind you turns in the correct direction.
  • The last vehicle is responsible for any gates.
  • No matter how bad or dangerous someone else's driving may be, on the road or off, steer clear, be cautious and keep your head.
  • Drive defensively and remember common sense.